Earlier this morning we told you about two of my favorite worlds colliding...Reese's is making a peanut butter cup that's stuffed with Reese's Pieces.

A good time to be alive, indeed.  Reese's is expected to make an "official" announcement on their Facebook page at 3 p.m.  They're allegedly going on sale in July.

With my world sufficiently rocked, I didn't think we could take it any further.

But this is Buffalo.  And we did take it further. Much further.

What two Buffalo flavors need to be crammed together into some amazing, WNY super food?  Here's what YOU suggested:

  • Angela / W. Seneca:  Loganberry sponge candy
  • Trina / Lockport: chicken wing pierogies (Renee from Buffalo said these are actually available at Broadway Market!)
  • Debbie / Depew: Frank's red hot sponge candy
  • Kells / Cheektowaga:  orange flavored Reese's peanut butter cups (not really a 'Buffalo' thing, but ok!)
  • And yes, we know about the Paula's Donut Lake Effect Ice Cream! :)

What other two 716 flavors would be awesome as one?