Last summer, Celine Dioncanceled her remaining Las Vegas dates, as well as a planned tour of Asia, because of her husband Renee Angelil's ongoing health issues.

But after nearly a year away spending time with her family, the "Because You Loved Me" songstress is finally plotting a return to her Sin City stage.

"My husband and my whole family need me. They still do," Celine admitted inside the press room at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Sunday evening (May 17). "He's working really hard on his health. We know what to do for him. We know what's going on...but we wanted to come back. This is what we've done the best together."

The decision, she says, is a mutual one, but it's Renee who is acting as the driving force behind her return: "He wants me back. He wants me strong. He wants to see me again because I'm his favorite singer," she said. "It's still very touching for me because he wants me to have a good time. It's not's going to be for him."

The singer plans to officially return to The Colosseum in Caesars Palace on August 27. But don't expect her to return with the same show she put on before she went on hiatus: "I will sing more of my songs," she promises, estimating that the show has been changed by approximately "30 to 40 percent."

"I'm ready," she insists. "It's hard, but I'm ready."

And while you might not expect the industry vet to be nervous, she admitted to the room full of journalists that she's still got some opening night jitters.

"I'm excited, very much. Scared too, because it's been a little while. Show business evolves. There's always new singers coming. You always want to bring the best of yourself. You want to impress your always have to tweak here and there."

She went on to name some of the newer Las Vegas residency singers, including Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez, and happily encouraged even more performers to come and sing in the booming entertainment destination in the desert. When asked whether she had any advice for the new girls, she insisted that they are all seasoned performers who needed no performance tips. But as far as vocal maintainence in the dry climate? "Humidity," Celine strongly encouraged. Please listen to Celine, ladies!

Will you be trekking out to Vegas to see Celine Dion back in action? Let us know in the comments below.

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