Celebrities demand so many odd things when they give performances. Before they were MADONNA, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey. They were just like you and I . I still say they put their pants on one leg at a time just as we do.  It's just that their pants are a  bit more pricey. Here are some of the quirky demands your favorite stars have

Jennifer Lopez

You must stir her coffee counter clockwise. Her dressing room is to be draped in white sheets and roses. I guess the sheets and roses are not bad for ambiance, but honey stir your own coffee.

Christina Aguilara

Demands a police escort to and fro. She refuses to sit in traffic. I can understand, living in L. A. she sits in plenty of traffic and has time to reflect on what tight dress to wear next.

If you were a mega celebrity, what would your demands be? I would insist on Starbucks coffee, pumpkin and lemon loaf.  Also lemon and tea for my throat. Ok I would like a new toilet seat if possible. I'm so demanding

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