In celebration of Chocolate Chip day, I have decided to release my World-Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  Now this is not information I would usually share, but given the holiday I really have no choice.


If you love chocolate chip cookies then you are going to want to see this.  If you don't then why did you click on this post to begin with??  Also, unless you're allergic, what kind of person doesn't like chocolate chip cookies??  Now I can't trust you (which is the foundation of a relationship) and we probably can't even be friends.  Nobody wants that.


Anyway, we have gotten a little off track.  Let's bring it back to why you are reading this - my World-Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  As I said, this is not something I would normally just give out, but at this point you've earned it.


Okay, here it is in step by step form.  Follow the recipe exactly as listed or I can't be responsible for your bad cookie experience.

  1. Work my job; earn enough money and go to Tops or Wegmans. (in radio this can take a minute)
  2. Buy Toll House Chocolate Chip cookies.
  3. Give them to my wife to make.

There it is, easy-peasy.  Obviously I am joking.  I mean, I don't go to the store and buy them, I send my wife for that part too.

Nestle Recalls Toll House Cookie Dough Products Due To Sickness Cases

Hopefully this recipe has helped make your Chocolate Chip day that much better.  If it hasn't, stuff 4 chocolate chip cookies in your mouth and you will feel great!