Mornings with Joe Chille

What Is Your Favorite Christmas Movie ?
When I think of Christmas movies the first one that comes to mind is "It's A Wonderful Life", when I asked my kids it was "Elf", my neighbor said "A Christmas Story". This has us wondering what is Western New York's favorite Christmas m…
Things We Need For A Perfect Morning
Other than waking up on Christmas, is there a such thing as a "perfect morning"?
A new survey asked Americans to name the top things they need in order to have the "perfect morning."  Their responses included. . .
1.  Coffee.
How Long Is Your Morning Commute
Do you have mixed feelings about commutes.  People I know usually HATE them.
But on the other hand, it's when people are listening to the Breeze.  So . . . yeah.  Mixed feelings.
According to recent reports, commute times just hit an all-time high...
New Plans For Buffalo SKYWAY Revealed
Long-awaited plans for the Buffalo Skyway were revealed to the public yesterday.
The winning plan would turn the Skyway connecting downtown with the South-towns into an elevated park offering views of Lake Erie and the Buffalo waterfront.

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