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U.S. - Canada Border Closure Extended Again
Cross border traffic is a huge component of the Western New York economy, and political and business leaders watch the span with continued optimism that the date will come that the International border will reopen.
Life Returning To Lewiston Following The Pandemic
The pandemic caused a pause everywhere...businesses shut down and slowly reopened, tourism all but stopped when the U.S.- Canada border closed. But when restrictions eased people found a way to get back...slowly, and maybe not to pre-existing levels, but it was a start.
Joe’s List of Places To Get A Cup Of Joe For National Joe Day
Depending on where you are, National Coffee Day can be celebrated on different days. In the United States, itw is celebrated on Wednesday, September 29th (in other parts of the world, you may find it celebrated on October 1st.) But we thought it might be interesting to find some great places around …

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