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Does Your Office Have A Dress Code Anymore?
Have you noticed people dressing more casually at work? Maybe a sport coat and an opened collar shirt, slacks...Dress Down Friday... Offices across the U.S. are adopting a more relaxed dress code, according to a new study..
Do You Have A Favorite Parent
When you ask someone if they have a favorite kid, the response usually is, "Oh, I love all of them the same." But what if you were asked if you have a favorite PARENT?
Experts Say Don't Shower Everyday
Maybe showering on a daily basis isn't a necessary part of life, and could let you sleep in just a little later. Before you get totally grossed-out the experts have now decided that a person is better off if they only shower a few times a week.
Who Had It Harder Kids Today Or Kids Of The Past
We all may be guilty of saying to our kids..."You have it so easy today...when I was young..." So with that in mind who had it tougher . . . people who grew up without all the modern technology we're used to today, or people who did?

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