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New Plans For Buffalo SKYWAY Revealed
Long-awaited plans for the Buffalo Skyway were revealed to the public yesterday.
The winning plan would turn the Skyway connecting downtown with the South-towns into an elevated park offering views of Lake Erie and the Buffalo waterfront.
Our Top Simple Pleasures
A simple pleasure is best described as something you don't NEED, that makes you happy. Some of which don't cost anything, they just require free time. And hopefully 96.1 The Breeze helps you out with the first one . . .
Things That REALLY Annoy Us
Last week, you may remember we found out that we're less patient than ever. We want IMMEDIATE gratification. But what's the MOST annoying thing we have to wait for?
Have You Eaten Breakfast For All 3 Meals?
Everone has a favorite meal of the day...for me it is dinner but survey says... most of us like breakfast more than lunch or dinner. Truth be told we like it so much, the average person has a SECOND breakfast at least once a week.
Chores We HATE Most
At one point or another we have probably all gotten into fights or arguments about doing chores and the ones we fight over the most . . .
1.  Doing laundry.
2.  Washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.
3.  Cleaning the bathroom, including the toilet...

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