Holidays can be hectic, having to make plans, gather the family and occasionally host a gathering. Joy FM understands your pain, and we're here to support with tips, recipes and the lowdown on what's happening in Buffalo for the holidays.

What Does Memorial Day Weekend Have In Store For WNY?
We turned to Channel 4's (WIVB-TV) Mike Cejka for the weekend forecast. Friday afternoon, the Sun will begin to fade and expect a few very spotty showers mainly from Buffalo southward. Rain showers, locally heavy downpours, and a few thunderstorms later Friday evening which will scatter out by…
Want To Spread JOY? Put Up Your Christmas Lights
It's a time of uncertainty, a time many of us have never been through before, especially for kids. We who are on the air are constantly trying to provide information without alarming, and telling you life goes on, albeit in a modified "normal".

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