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Horrible Reviews of Buffalo from Tourists Who Are The Worst
Living in Buffalo, you can't help but love it. But, when people from out of the area visit, they don't always enjoy their time here. So I thought it would be fun to look at some of the reviews people have left after visiting the Queen City and not enjoying their experience.
5 Fun Facts About Austin Texas [LIST]
This weekend, the city of Austin Texas might have been the most googled city in Western New York history after it was leaked that the Buffalo Bills could make a move to the Texas town if they don't get the funding they want for a new stadium...
This Might Be The Best Way To Remember Your Pet
Everyone grieves in their own way, and when it comes to the loss of a cherished pet that you’ve had for most of your life, it can be more than challenging to come to terms with the thought of never seeing your furry friend again. But what if you could see them? Every day for the rest of your …

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