If you're anything like me, you have a keychain full of mostly identical keys, and it takes -- on average -- three minutes, and trying no fewer than four keys, to find the right one.

This tip is for you.

I have four identical keys for my offices and rooms at Genesee Community College, where I am the Associate Professor of Communications. You might think all those years in grad school taught me something about key management. You'd be correct.

Here's an easy tip. Take some nail polish and paint the top part of the key to label it. Here I wrote an "O" in Sharpie (for office), before covering with gorgeous rose gold glitter polish.

The polish will wear over time, but it's easy enough to reapply. And, if you find yourself needing to turn your keys back in -- you can take the polish off easily with nail polish remover (or pick it off) without damaging the key.
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