In case you didn't hear me clearly enough, I'm 100 percent anti-Pokemon Go.

NO, I'm not ANTI FUN. If you enjoy it, go on with it! I support you. Knock yourself out. Own it! I like kitchen gadgets and old lunch boxes. To each his/her own, yes?

Personally, I just don't get it (again, I'm not judging you if you DO love it). But when people are already figuring out ways to beat the physical exercise requirement by using a ceiling fan to keep the phone moving? It's gone to far.

Oh, and there's this, when you install Pokemon Go, you give it FULL ACCESS to your Google account, like your emails and documents. You can turn it off by going here and clicking "connected apps and sites".

Well apparently, now, it may be a way to find dates. Sad, non-interactive dates. Dozens of stories are appearing on social media. Craigslist's "Missed Connections" (Buffalo) has messages from players, even a few in WNY starting to pop up.

From Lake View....(sounds like SUCH a gentleman who clearly understands women!)


From Lockport area....