We all know what people think when you mention Buffalo Bills and Super Bowl in the same sentence.  Yes, they made history going to 4 straight Super Bowls...but after winning none of them they became a national joke.  Let's forget about that for now, and focus on some of the positive Super Bowl records the Bills hold.


According to Jeff Hunter of Buffalo Rumblings, the Bills hold (or are tied for) at least 7 Super Bowl records and not all are that bad.  Here are the good ones:

  • Longest Field Goal - Steve Christie hit a 54 yard bomb in SB XXVIII (2nd Cowboys SB).  The record still stands, and is even more impressive since we have trouble kicking extra points now!
  • Most Pass Attempts - Jim Kelly threw 58 times in SB XXVI (Redskins) and completed 28 of them.  This isn't a great record to have because it usually means you are losing big (and we were), but it's a record none-the-less!
  • Most Safeties - Bruce Smith and 4 others hold this record.  This would be the one time when we can't believe he got a safety instead of a TD when the QB somehow held onto the ball.  SB XXV was our best shot at winning one and the safety turned the tide!
  • Most Super Bowls played - Mike Lodish went to 6 Super Bowls, 4 with the Bills and 2 with the Broncos.  This is an impressive record that will unfortunately be broken this Sunday when the Patriots return for their 7th in the Tom Brady era.  THEY RUIN EVERYTHING!!

For the rest of the records you can click the link above.  Someday the Bills will return to prominence but until then they can't take away our 4 straight Super Bowl appearances.  It is the one record that will stand the test of time!  Suck it Brady!!

Andre Reed
Getty Images