For some, this could've been a DREAM COME TRUE!

Heather Bertini / Fillmore Central School
Heather Bertini / Fillmore Central School

Heather, self-proclaimed "loyal Mix Morning Rush listener" (and listener who said her students won't talk to her until she's had her coffee...even has a Keurig on her desk!), from Fillmore Central School was kind enough to share this with us!

As part of the principal's challenge for Book-It, the preK-6th graders were challenged to read a combined 8 hrs in one school day. If they did, the principal would undergo a grueling 15-minute obstacle course designed entirely by the students.  Needless to say the kids met the goal, the whole ordeal began with her dressed as Mickey Mouse and it resulted in slime! favorite is her dancing!

Thank you so much for sharing, Heather....Here is Dr. Wendy Butler, principal from Fillmore Central School....honoring her challenge!

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