No matter how old we are, almost all of us can instantly name at least one teacher who we remember fondly. That one teacher who really stuck out, who went the extra mile, who made us excited to learn.

I loved my first grade teacher, Mrs. Wayne, for a weird reason – she was a BIG disciplinarian. I got in trouble for the first time by her, and it whipped me into shape. That was back in 1981 in Jamestown. I haven't gotten in trouble since then.

Rob Banks's favorite teacher was Mr. Tylenda from Lancaster High School.  He said he was always there for the students, went to past-students' weddings and was an overall great guy.

Today we asked you to highlight your favorite teacher, whether it was your own teacher or your child's.

From text line (716-241-9696) :

Brianna/Lancaster: My favorite teacher is Mr. McCarville from Lancaster middle

Dan/Hamburg: I went to Tonawanda high school and graduated in 2008... I had a wonderful teacher, Ms. Squires. Even after I graduated she would still help with things such as resumes. She always goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Trina Heywood sent us this via Facebook:

Mike Messoure from St Francis High school English teacher, wrestling coach. My sons teacher/ coach since 9th grade. As my son struggled with school and keeping up with grades and sports to find a balance he took him under his wing and took time out of his busy schedule after school and during school to help him achieve his goals on and off the wrestling mat. He is truly an asset not only to the school itself but to the young men he encounters on a daily basis. We can not thank him enough for giving Matthew the tools to succeed! Kudos to you Coach!

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Tell us about your favorite teacher, whether it was YOUR teacher or your child's!