According to, a flight made an unexpected landing in Buffalo at the Buffalo-Niagara Airport after departing earlier from the Chicago O’Hare airport.

The plane safely landed, but was forced down because a group of a dozen passengers reported feeling light-headed or nauseous.  Daniel J. Neaverth, Jr., Commissioner Department of Erie County Emergency Services, stated that no lights went off indicating a pressure drop in the cabin, the pilots performed a rapid decent to land quickly at the nearest airport, which was Buffalo.

The pilot quickly dropped the plane from 37,000 feet to 10,400 feet after the crew reported an unknown issue to the pilot. The pilot then leveled off to make a controlled descent. SkyWest says there was never any indication that there was an issue with the cabin door of the plane, despite earlier reports of a passenger losing consciousness. Those reports say the cabin quickly lost pressure due to a door opening. The FAA says an investigation is underway but officials say they can’t comment on those reports.

SkyWest released this statement:

SkyWest Flight 5622, operating as United Express from Chicago to Hartford, diverted to Buffalo, NY after a passenger lost consciousness. The flight landed safely in Buffalo, where the passenger received medical attention before being released. There is no indication of any problems with the doors and our maintenance teams are in the process of inspecting the aircraft. We are working to accommodate the 75 passengers to Hartford.

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