Just one more day till Spring, and better weather, and a perfect opportunity to exercise.  Winter is full of excuses not to exercise, the Holidays, no time, too cold, no extra money for the gym.

But think of this...if you want to have more energy, feel happier and basically benefit from a healthier life apparently, all you need to do is exercise.  Regardless of age or sex, exercise in some form is beneficial.

Here are some unexpected benefits of exercise:

  • It reduces stress and anxiety
  • Helps relaxation and sleep
  • Reduces pain
  • Increases energy
  • Improves your love life
  • Fights off Colds

Believe it or not, regular exercise seems to play a significant role in preventing colds. This is due to the fact that physical activities, even simple ones such as walking for 30 minutes or moderate jogging, generate a higher number of white blood cells. These, in turn, help your immune system to fight off infections and keep viruses away.

According to studies, individuals who exercise regularly enhance their immunity and reduce the risk of catching colds and flu by half, compared to their sedentary counterparts.

So Spring has almost sprung, and so should you! Get off that chair or sofa, and get moving...you'll be happy with the results.