Beware New York! There is a bear on the loose! According to, a 330lb black bear named Ahote has escaped from the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington, New York Thursday morning. As of Sunday officials were still searching. Although she had been spotted in town about 1 mile from the refuge. Ironically, in Native American meaning, the name Ahote is 'Restless One'.

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This 4 and a half year old black bear sow, dug out of her enclosure Thursday morning.  The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge states that Ahote is completely harmless but if you spot her don't panic and don't shoot at her. What you should do is call AWR at 855-Wolf-Man, or 914-772-5983.

We’re concerned someone might panic and shoot Ahote, who tends to run from people. We monitored the bear enclosure all night with our cameras, in case Ahote showed up, but no luck. - AWR Officials 
Last time Ahote escaped, yes there was one other time in 2019, she was gone for 2 weeks. Today the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge is closed to the public while they search for Ahote. They are trying to determine whether the escaped black bear is on Refuge property still or immediately surrounding area.
The Department of Environmental Conservation have been notified. The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge states that is there are no local sightings today, they will assume that Ahote is not in the neighborhood, and they will have to rely on sightings to get the bear back home. Again, if you happen to be in the area and spot Ahote, a black phase black bear with a silver ear tag, call 855-Wolf-Man or 914-772-5983.

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