This is such a shame...not only that this happened to a veteran, but that it happened on Veteran's Day.

(See below the 2nd video for how YOU can help a LOCAL veteran family with WNY Heroes)

This happened in Texas on Friday.  Ernest Walker is a US Army Vet and went to Chili's to claim the free meal offer they had for veterans. Another veteran quesstioned his credentials, as well as his service dog, and the manager, Wesley Patrick, intervened.

Mr. Patrick then took his meal away.

Walker was obviously embarrassed and insulted by this. Chili's has apologized, and allegedly has fired Patrick.  They are now talking with lawyers.

This is just disgraceful, on so many levels.

How about we flip the script and do something, not in SPITE of this, but in HONOR of Walker's service, and help adopt a LOCAL veteran family?


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