Most of us will never serve a day in jail or prison, but chances are that YOU are a criminal and you probably already broke the law several times today!

According to a new study done, the average person will break a law at least three times every day! Yep, that is right, YOU are a criminal!

Take a look at some of the laws that you might have broken today alone:

(According to Buzzfeed)

1.  Have you ever jaywalked?  90% of people said they have.

2.  Have you ever rolled through a stop sign?  51% said yes.

3.  Do you ever speed?  67% said yes.

4.  Have you ever used someone else's WiFi without their permission?  Like if it wasn't password protected?  35% of us have done it.

5.  Have you pirated music, or illegally downloaded a movie?  78% said yes.  Also, 18% said they've used someone else's Netflix account without their knowledge.

6.  Have you ever done a "double feature," where you pay for a movie at the theater, then stay and sneak into a second one?  22% of us have done it.

7.  Did you ever drink underage?  72% said yes.

8.  Have you ever been paid under the table?  41% said they have.

9.  Have you ever asked for a water cup at a fast food place, then filled it with soda?  33% of us admit to doing it.

Now the good news is that police are not going to arrest over the little thing here, but technically you are still breaking the law!!