If mosquitoes find you as delicious as apparently they do me, you're gonna want to read this!

There's been a lot of mosquito talk lately...the GIANT mosquitoes in Orlando (who have evidently brought crazy ant friends with them) making landfall, and Heather Davis has given you tips on how to make your own mosquito trap.

Getty / Joao Paulo Burini

If you're planning any kind of camping trip, or if you're going to be outside for longer than eight seconds this summer, you're gonna run into the buggers.

I prefer to do as much "au naturale" as possible, so I tracked down some all-natural repellents...and some even work better than DEET, which I honestly don't feel comfortable using on myself (it's a known poison!).  It's early in the season and I've already been bitten a few times...so these tips couldn't come soon enough!

  1. CITRONELLA OIL -- Rubbing the essential oil right on to your skin is more effective than using candles.  Find it in natural product stores.
  2. SOY OIL -- Studies say this is one that's better than DEET...plus it's a great moisturizer and is known to slow body hair growth!
  3. CATNIP -- This essential oil has been show to be TEN TIMES more effective than DEET!
  4. NEEM SEED OIL -- Malaria researchers say it also repels better than DEET.
  5. LAVENDER -- Like citronella, get the pure oil and rub directly on skin.  Smells nice too!
  6. GARLIC -- Eating fresh garlic til it comes out of your pores means mosquitoes won't touch you...but neither will anyone else. So there's that. :)
Getty / Denis Zorin