On Thursday night I took my boys to the Shrine Circus -- the place for kids, and to feel like a kid again.

The 3 year-old made it approximately 15 minutes through before he wanted to leave. Luckily, this isn't the first time he's pulled this stunt on an outing, so his Nana dutifully took him home, while I enjoyed the rest of the show along with my 7 year-old (who had a BLAST). Also, when traveling with toddlers, always best to have an exit strategy.

The circus was a great time, and when we weren't "ooh-ing" or "ahh-ing" over the trapeze artists, the lions and tigers, clowns and elephants -- we were dancing hard to the great music and wonderful atmosphere.

You can still catch the circus tomorrow at the Hamburg Fairgrounds. All the info you need is here.