Uber is close to coming to New York State outside of NYC. I personally hope and pray nightly that we will have its services here in the queen city! But those in other states that have access to Uber may be taking advantage of the opportunity of having it!


According to the New York Post a woman from Virginia wanted to see her boyfriend in Brooklyn, NY. However the idea of taking a flight or a train wasn't adventurous enough for her. So she called upon Uber and found a driver willing to go the entire distance. Janis Rogers, 64-year-old Uber driver, decided to take the almost 8 hour drive. The woman slept in the back of the car for most of her Uber drive, and at the end of the trip did not tip her driver!


After paying for tolls and gas for the trip, Janis earned $294.09 for the drive. But she also earned the record for longest Uber drive in history.


Doesn't seem worth the drive to me, only making $294.09! But I guess the two were just up for an adventure. Could you take an Uber ride with  a stranger for 8 hours?? Comment below.