The big games coming up just got even more interesting for WNY with UB Men's making it to the big dance for the first time in the school's history!

Plus, with the game being played in Columbus (2:10pm, TNT), it's close enough for Buffalo fans to drive there and watch in person!

We've got an empty bracket, and one of the "blank spaces" (nod to my girl T-Swizzle) may have your name on it.  We've got a Mix Morning Rush Prize Pack up for grabs...including Mix 96 swag, Kelly Clarkson tickets, CDs, DVDs, and more!

Winning is simple:  We'll assign one listener to one we need to fill up the spaces.  We'll do it this way:

  •  via phone (716-644-9696)
  •  via text (716-241-9696)
  •  via email (

Winning is simple:  whoever has the winning team when all is said and done on April 6th...wins the prize pack!  (No skill needed, just like we like it)

Stay tuned for your chance to win..we'll tell you when to call/text/email!