I wish I understood women's fashion. If nothing else, I could understand when women talked about the latest styles, like they have been during Buffalo Fashion Week. Of course, it's not even what the fashion experts decide is stylish. I get lost on this question:

Why don't most designers show clothing in sizes real women can wear?

 When I finally embraced my true weight, and was accepted as a plus-size model, I remember feeling whole and complete. I was meant to be this size.

-- Plus-sized model Robyn Lawley, the first such model to work for Ralph Lauren.

Lady Gaga, like most people, has problems with maintaining the ideal weight for her body type. She's re-opened the discussion over body image and why people should work towards "healthy" weights, rather than the emaciated standard that seems to be rampant in the fashion industry.

Of course, we all should aim for the ideal weights our doctors suggest for us. But trying to be lighter is tempting. Robyn Lawley, the model quoted above, started her career as a regular model. She came to realize her tall, broad body could not maintain a size zero weight. She put on weight sensibly, with the help of a doctor and a trainer, and now, as a size 12, is listed as "plus-sized" [that still seems light to me, but it's another thing I don't understand about women's fashion].

If there's anything parents [especially mothers] need to do, for the sanity of their daughters if for no one else, is to encourage their children to take on sensible weights [living those standards themselves probably wouldn't hurt either].