The longest traffic light is usually the one you're sitting at, right?

Well, the longest in the COUNTRY is in West Milford, New Jersey.  It stays red for five minutes and 33 seconds.  (In radio, we'd generally say that's a full song and a half. That's a long stop light!)


If you're travelling Transit between Sheridan and Clarence Center Road, that two-mile trip will take about six minutes between lights and traffic.  I travel Niagara Falls Boulevard regularly from Tonawanda to North Tonawanda, and I don't even WANT to time how long that takes.

Naturally, people are still having confusion over the new HAWK Signal on Sheridan near Paula's Donuts.  (FYI, flashing red = stop sign, solid red = STOP, flashing yellow = caution, and NO LIGHTS means proceed as usual.)

So, where do YOU think is the longest light in WNY?

Eric Jordan says the one turning onto Walden from the Galleria.

From our text line:

Ken / Tonawanda:  Longest Light WNY has to be the five corners in Orchard Park. If you miss the turn arrow may as well put in park. You can read 6 pages of a novel answer emails or clean out your glove box

Josette / Hamburg:  The longest light is South Elmwood waiting to get on the Skyway

 WIVB recently did a piece on the timed lights in the area.