I don't know about you, but the one thing I am absolutely addicted to this time of year is iced coffee. And sure I could put ice in a cup and then pore my own coffee over it or pour myself a cup of coffee at home and then let it sit and then drop some ice cubes in it – but it is just NOT the same thing.

It's like making a salad. Somehow it is just never as good as when you order it when you are out. So where should you go if you need an iced coffee Monday through Friday but enjoy a little variety and mouthwatering awesomeness from local cafes? Here are five of the best places to go for an iced coffee in Buffalo, NY.

  • Five Points Bakery

    The iced coffee is made with ice cubes made from coffee, and it just gets better and better from there!

    44 Brayton St
    Buffalo, NY 14213

  • Public Espresso + Coffee

    Hotel at the Lafayette

    391 Washington St
    Buffalo, NY 14203

  • Grindhaus Cafe

    160 Allen St
    Buffalo, NY 14201
    (716) 725-6300
  • Daily Planet Coffee Co

    1862 Hertel Ave
    Buffalo, NY 14216
    (716) 551-0661
  • Sweet_ness 7 Café

    220 Grant St
    Buffalo, NY 14213
    (716) 883-1738