In case you missed it, I relayed a shocking story that changed my favorite thing about the latest in hand-drying technology.

Apparently, using those super-powered dryers in public restrooms spreads (wait for it...)  THIRTEEN HUNDRED TIMES more germs than using paper towels.

Mind: blown.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

I'm someone who LOVES when there's no handle on the door walking into the bathroom...automatic flushers so I don't have to touch anything in the stall....automatic sinks so no touching the faucets....automatic dryers....I literally want to go in, do my business, and exit without having to touch ANYTHING.

ThinkStock / Ratikova

So, now that you're sufficiently disgusted, I figured we'd continue the conversation with:  where is the best bathroom in Western New York (restaurant / store / public / etc)?

To get ya started, I COVET the bathrooms at Sun Restaurant and Buffalo Proper.  They're nicer than any hotel bathroom I've ever used.

Many of you texted (716-241-9696) saying Wegmans always has great bathrooms.

Kim from Boston said Danny's South in Orchard Park had great ones.

Kim from Williamsville pointed out 31 Club and Santora's on Transit.

Do tell:  where's the best bathroom in Buffalo?  Could be a store, restaurant, public, etc....