I'm back at it, in my potential-cake-disaster test kitchen. This time around, I tried tackling a mirror cake.

I've had some cake adventures in the past. Check out my Lego Cake, Smoking Volcano Cake, and Minecraft Cake.

I'm pretty happy. It was for his First Communion party.

Mirror cakes are all the rage on Instagram, and really look so, so, so, beautiful. So when my son asked for a "Space Cake" I went to Google. Pro tip: this particular google search will lead you to lots of bakeries in Seattle and Denver, ha ha.

Instead, I tried searching "galaxy cake," and followed this particular tutorial from Also The Crumbs Please.

Here's some photos from my cake adventure.

My best advice when tackling anything new in the kitchen is just don't be afraid! Try, the worst thing that can happen is you have an ugly cake that still tastes amazing.

Here's my favorite links for a great chocolate cake great for carving, the best buttercream, and the world's best ganache.