Yes, we all go on vacation to relax, to renew, to recharge. We also go to have the most spectacular photos, from the most distant vacation spots around the world, so that so-and-so from HR, or the VP of the Neighborhood Association won't be able to out-do us. You've probably already made your summer travel plans, but if you haven't, have we got destinations for you!

The BBC has teamed up with the travel service Lonely Planet to pass along a few memorable travel spots well off the beaten path. For instance, the picture above was taken at Ferrari World. You'd think this tribute to auto artwork would be in Italy. And you'd be wrong. It's actually in the most expensive city on Earth, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Ferrari World is the world's largest indoor amusement park and features the world's fastest roller coaster and the world's largest Ferrari logo. Make sure you take lots of pictures.

The picture on our web site's front page was taken at Crocosaurus Cove, in Australia. What you see in the picture is the Cove's signature attraction, the "Cage Of Death." It's a glass tube that gets lowered into a tank filled with hungry (unless you catch them right after feeding time) crocodiles. Here, only one picture seems necessary: you, in the glass tank, flashing a peace sign at the snarling carnivores.

Still not right? Well, there's one more attraction to consider:

Welcome to Isgyvenimo Drama, in Lithuania. A long-time Soviet sattelite state, Lithuania has a few USSR-built bunkers left over. And since it's hard to find homeowners interested in relocating to a site more than five feet below ground level, they've had to be creative in re-using them. So they dress up willing re-enactors in old Red Army uniforms, have them "interrogate" visotors, take them on forced marches and feed them bad USSR-era food -- kind of like dinner theater for nostalgic former Communists. I'd take a lot of pictures here; nobody will believe you otherwise!

The Falls and Allegany State Park are starting to look a lot better to you, aren't they?

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