So the tragedy on Friday in Newtown, Connecticut has had everyone thinking.  Which is good. 

Obviously we are thinking about these poor kids, their parents, their siblings and everyone else that is directly affected.  We've also been think about the heroes.  The teachers.

I received a 5-minute automated message in my voicemail at home from my kids' school district, assuring us that our kids are safe.  Teachers have been instructed what to do in certain situations, security is beefed up.

It's unfortunate the it has to come to this, but it keeps our kids safe.  That is what this is really all about -- keeping our kids safe.

We often hear about how teachers are underpaid because of the function and importance they play in the shaping the future of the world, not to mention the countless hours they spend with our kids! They are like surrogate parents. They spend their entire day with them -- often more time then we spend with them.  They teach them, guide them, love them and PROTECT them.  Our kids are in their hands.

When you see or talk to your child's teacher or teachers, thank them.  They are extremely important in our kids' lives and often unappreciated.