This is:

a) weird
b) slightly brilliant
c) every college kid's dream
d) all of the above

I stumbled upon a list of all this different stuff you can make with a coffee maker, other than coffee. Ready to have your mind blown?  A few highlights:

Hot Dogs: Yeah, it looks gross to me too. But run 6-8 cups of water through the coffeemaker, leave the burner on and toss the dogs in. Or don't...because frankly the microwave is much easier and cleaner. But if ya got an extra 30 minutes to burn, give it a whirl.

Poached Chicken: Yep, also gross. But all ya need is chicken breast, butter and water, cooking in the pot for 15 minutes on each side. Again, gonna need to wash the pot out REALLY well afterward.

Flickr / Denis Dervisevic

Fondue: This one I'd actually try. It's a chic spin on "I have no money but still wanna throw a swanky dessert party." This is how it's done:

Heat cream in the coffee pot and on the burner for 15 minutes. Add broken pieces of a chocolate bar to the pot and allow to melt; this will take roughly another 10 minutes. Stir together to combine and serve with forks and fruit.

Want more? Sure ya do!