Each phone screen is as unique as the person who owns the phone. These are the apps that take up the most time out of my day--what are yours?

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    This awesome app offers loads of reading choices for free. They are small samples of some of the best nonfiction books out there. Right now, I'm reading "How to Be a Badass"!

    Credit: Google Play Store
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    I try to restrict myself to checking in twice a day, but that's much easier said than done! I've been a member since 2009, you?

    Credit: Facebook.com
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    White Noise

    The perfect app to nod this big baby off to sleep!

    Credit: White Noise App
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    3,236 photos and 160 videos...I know I need to delete stuff, but how do you get rid of videos of puppy belly rubs??

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    Paypal and Venmo

    I have both, because I am still not sure which one is quicker.  But, if you need to pay or get paid this is a great way to go.  If I can set this up, I know YOU can!

    Credit: Google Play Store
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    Love this app! I used it for a road trip out west with my daughter a few summers ago when it was in its early stages.  Also, when I was thinking about moving to Buffalo last summer, Airbnb found me a sweet room in Elmwood village for my stay.  It's fun to also plan dream trips--you should see all the places I am going to stay in Paris and London!

    Credit: Airbnb App
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    Amazon Fire TV App

    My amazonefireTV app is my favorite new find, because it replaces that annoying way tooooooo small remote, which I lost.  I bet you if I ever find the remote, I'll end up losing my phone.

    Credit: Google Play Store
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    Well, I do have a MapMyRun app which is healthy of sorts. It basically logs the distance on your runs, walks or bike rides.  Kind of cool to see how much distance you've covered with the groovy post-exercise map.

    Credit: MapMyRun.com
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    At the start, I had good intentions with Pinterest--setting up boards that focused on exercising or healthy eating. But today (five years later) my boards with the most pins are 'my beautiful brainy men" board with 401 pins and "fabulous fashion" with 512 pins!

    Credit: Pinterest App
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    Mix 96 App

    This is of course my favorite app.  You can listen live to Mix96 anytime and anywhere.  Get weather and news updates, plus you can submit photos and videos that can be featured on Mix96.com! Download the app for free here: Mix 96 Buffalo App