Who remembers going to Hills Department Store with mom and dad and making a mad dash for the toys isle? I still remember dad getting a big bag of popcorn to nibble on. And remember how Hills smelled like middle class America? Well this Pennsylvania-based Sugar Creek Candle Company remembers and wants to pass the smells onto you.

While scrolling through Facebook yesterday I noticed this photo of a candle designed to bring back memories of and the cherry icee, popcorn and hot pretzels you could get at the Hills snack bar.

The Buffalo News noted:

Pittsburgh Dad posted about the new product on Facebook on Tuesday night. Within 15 minutes, the post had garnered 1,000 likes. By Wednesday afternoon it had registered 11,000 likes and had been shared nearly 4,000 times.

Hurry up and order yours now before they are all sold out. The 16-ounce soy candle will set you back about 15 bucks plus shipping and handling. Here is the Facebook website to go to for Hills childhood memories revisited.

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