When artists make music like they did when first starting out, it often brings a nostalgic feeling to its listeners.

Melissa Etheridge a prime example of this with her recently released album.

Melissa Etheridge just released a new album cleverly named This is M.E. It’s a compilation of songs full of heart and soul, and that familiar rasp we all know and love from one of our favorite female rockers. If you are a Melissa Etheridge fan like me and you want to feel a little nostalgic, this is the album for you because she clearly demonstrates that she can still make music like she did over 20 years ago. And her songs are a brilliant and relatable reflection of her ever-evolving life...

“I am excited to be putting out an album that is exactly what I want it to be. I had some amazing collaborators who really helped craft songs and an album that is truly representative of where I am in my life at this moment,” ~ Melissa Etheridge

This is M.E.

1. I Won't Be Alone Tonight
2. Take My Number
3. A Little Hard Hearted
4. Do It Again
5. Monster
6. Ain't That Bad
7. All The Way Home
8. Like A Preacher
9. Stranger Road
10. A Little Bit Of Me
11. Who Are You Waiting For

Melissa Etheridge is going on you can catch those dates and venues at her website, along with a sampling of her entire new album. Go get This is M.E. at or download it from iTunes. You will not be disappointed!

Now go enjoy your week and tune into my show each night to find a bit of respite from your busy days.

~ Delilah

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Rachel Specht contributed to this post