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Gas Still Under $2 a Gallon South of Buffalo
I just paid $1.89 per gallon at newly opened J R's Seneca Hawk gas station and driving range in Irving, New York. There are a few locations just south of Hamburg and Derby, New York where you'll still find gas still under $2 a gallon.
Summer Gas Prices Expected to Be The Lowest In About 6 Years
Those $4 a gallon gas prices we experienced from 2007 through 2009 may be a thing of the least for this summer. Economists predict that the national average price for a gallon of gas will fall about 32 percent from a year ago. Between now and September, when we do most of our driving, it s…
Gas Prices Are Finally Dropping
Finding gas at under $4 a gallon isn't has hard as it was a couple weeks ago.  In fact, this summers gas prices should stay under $4.  So go ahead and take that road trip.

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