Almost everybody is superstitious.  Some people go with the classics like don't have a black cat cross your path and never walk under a ladder.  Will a broken mirror really give you 7 years bad luck?

I used to be sports superstitious.  I would wonder how many mirrors did the Buffalo Bills actually break??  It has definitely been more than two!  Like most Bills fans, I would do certain things before and during the game to help sway the outcome.

The last time we won I was wearing my jersey inside out and doing a handstand on top of the couch, while eating now I have to do that every time.  It took me a long time (sadly over 35 years) to finally realize that my sports superstitions had no affect on the outcome.  It didn't matter how I cheered, or what I did or didn't wash, my teams won and lost on their own merit.

I look back on my sports superstitions and laugh now because obviously they seem silly.  Praying for a TD or a Home-run as if there is a God who sits around granting sports wishes.  Ultimately someone has to lose, and no prayers are going to help that.  Think about it.  If both sides pray, why does it only work out for one side?

Yet if you go to any sporting event around the country you will see just that.  Fans praying or acting a certain way, hoping to give their team that extra edge.  Needless to say I am no longer sports superstitious.

I am, however, still superstitious.  I think the sport ones are silly, but the old school ones I don't like to mess with.  I avoid breaking mirrors and black cats and whatnot just so that I don't tempt fate.  These superstitions came from somewhere so who's to say there is no truth to them.  In this case somewhere is a link to an MSN Lifestyle post explaining some of these.  You're welcome.

The fact is that superstitions exist for a reason.  Who am I to question that??  If I feel like Friday the 13th is a bad day to do something then I can just avoid it and lay low.  No harm no foul.  You won't find me saying 'Candy man' three times into a mirror anytime soon.  Again, why mess with fate?

If you're superstitious about something there is nothing wrong with that.  If it makes you feel better then do what you got to do.  If it ends up controlling your life then maybe you should rethink the superstition, but if it helps give you peace of mind then why not.

Just whatever you do, don't break a mirror on Friday the 13th while walking through a field of black cats...that's probably not a good idea.  I'm not sure why you would be walking through a field of black cats while carrying a mirror anyway, but if it comes up avoid it!