I can't believe it.

I WON'T believe it.

Ok, I will.


Science now confirms what we've all suspected about that one person in your Facebook feed who continuously posts selfies.  And not selfies of themselves and their kids, themselves at a national monument, even themselves with a bunch of friends, having a good time.  Just....themselves.

"Ohhh look, I just happened to have just gotten in the car this morning, ready for work, and BOOM!  Took a selfie of myself behind the steering wheel!  Aren't I cute!?!?!"

"Look, here's me smiling at my daily PSL! Aren't I cute?!?!?"

"Look!  I just put mascara on...aren't I CUTE?!?!?!"  AREN'T I????

Look, we're all guilty of doing it SOMETIMES, but on the daily?  We've got a problem.

A new study found those who take and post a lot of selfies are actually vain, attention-seeking, full of anxiety, lonely people.  And it's habitual.  And it's not going to change, even if you bring it to their attention.

On the bright side, the same study found the link between people who post selfies and mental illness are probably wrong....they're just vain, awful people too.