I've enjoyed the show 'Once Upon A Time' from day one. The show has the classic fairy tale characters you know (Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White, Prince Charming, Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.) and has spun them into a new story and brought them to our world.

I love the show and I had no idea that Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Snow White, and Josh Dallas, who plays Prince Charming, were involved in real life!

Josh Dallas & Ginnifer Goodwin (Getty)

A source told E! Online:

Goodwin, 35, and Dallas, 31, had an 'immediate connection when they met' in 2011 but at the time Dallas was married, so initially he and Goodwin were 'just friends'. As filming of 'Once Upon A Time' started in Canada, the distance between Dallas and then wife Lara Pulver proved to be too much and they split up in the fall of 2011.

Not long after, the connection between Dallas and Goodwin deepened and the source added, 'The relationship has been full-on since the moment it turned romantic, and they spend every moment together. There was no reason to wait and take it slow—they fell in love, and it feels right.'

Everybody together..."Awwwwww!"