Apparently, Wednesday was National Sibling Day. How did I find out?  My brother posted the most unflattering picture of us on his Facebook page. It was at that very special time in every girl's life where "awkward" is an understatement.

Ok fine, here it is:


The early '80s weren't great for a lot of us.

Well, being the sweet sister I am, I figured I'd post some embarrassing ones of him.  However, most of my old photos are still at my dad's house in I could only  dig up the ones I have at my place.  And they're not nearly as embarrassing.  They're more endearing.

I had just come home from the hospital, and my brother was actually excited to have a sister. (1974)

Laura Daniels

Then there was the Holly Hobbie/double-knit pant/butterfly collar phase....(1978)

Laura Daniels

Adn then we got all grown up....(2007)

Laura Daniels

Even though we missed the date by a couple days, you wanna share some of your sibling pics?  Do it here! :)

<3 LD