Is Buffalo the Hollywood of the Great Lakes? I say yes! There have been several movies made or based in the Queen City. Some may surprise you! I’m going to rank them according to my favorites, see if you agree.

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    Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    A lovable story starring Steve Martin and John Candy. The plot centers on Steve Martin’s character trying to get home in time for Thanksgiving, and being delayed by the antics of John Candy. According to Wikipedia, the car scenes were actually filmed on Route 219 south of Buffalo.

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    The Natural

    Perhaps the most famous movie with scenes shot in Buffalo. The movie starring Robert Redford has great shots of the old “ Rock-pile”, War Memorial Stadium. I had several friends who were crowd “extra’s “in the movie.

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    The Buddy Holly Story

    Starring Gary Busey. In the movie the name ‘the Crickets” is given to Buddy’s group by Buffalo DJ “Madman Mancuso”. Madman locks himself in the studio and plays “That’ll Be the Day’ over and over.

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    Canadian Bacon

    Not everyone is familiar with this movie. Shot primarily in Niagara Falls, but with scenes in Buffalo too. It features Alan Alda as a president whose approval ratings fall, so he suggests a conflict with Canada to boost them. John Candy as the Niagara County Sheriff takes the threat seriously and launches an invasion into Canada with Toronto being the objective. Hilarious!

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    Bruce Almighty

    My personal favorite. Starring Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman, and Jim Cary. Funny and heartwarming. But my favorite part are the tie in with WKBW-TV (Carey works there), and in the movie the Sabres finally win the Stanley Cup!