Michael Phelps won't be at the opening ceremony tonight with the rest of his teammates.  In fact, in all 3 Olympics which he participated in, he has never been at the opening ceremonies.

His claim is that he has to rest for the next mornings events.  Of course all of the other athletes will be there.  Guess they are fine with it.

He also has a problem with the swimming cap he has to wear this year.  In years past, the caps had his name and the American flag on both sides of his head.  This years has his name and flag on one side.  That the international swimming rule.

Here's his tweet about it:

"Front and back of our caps We used to be able to have front and back side with flags but for some reason there are rules that tell us we cant do that anymore? Smh gotta love an organizing committee telling us we can't do that anymore."

You're in the Olympics.  It's an honor, not a priviledge.  Please represent your country respectfully.