A dramatic increase in skin cancer rates among young adults is hitting women hardest, according to a new study by the Mayo Clinic.The increase may be driven by the fact that women are more likely to use tanning beds than men, and further by the common practice of getting a tanning session before events like proms or dates.

The research looked at statistics from 1970-2009 in one Minnesota county. It noted that cases of skin cancer in young men increased by 400%, but by 800% in young women. The numbers back up a major government study published last week. It said that, while new cases of the most common cancers are declining, cases of melanoma [the most dangerous form of skin cancer] are increasing.

Skin cancer normally is found in people over the age of 50. Symptoms include changes in an existing mole or the appearance of an unusual growth on your skin. Fair-skinned people are more at risk for skin cancers. If you think you may have one of the symptoms, see your doctor as soon as possible to get checked out.