Firstly, I need to put this out there:  I'm #TeamAndroid.

Please don't yell at me, and tell me how much better your iPhone is. Please don't send me hate mail about how people like me are single-handedly slowing down society due to my choice of technology.  Please don't try to convert me to i-anything.

Some people like ham and pineapple on their pizza...some people like anchovies.  It's a big, crazy, mixed-up world with lots of different preferences.  Can't we all just get along?

Now that that's out of the way, I did find a new feature with the latest software update on my Galaxy S7 Edge.  It's called Google Assistant (YES, IPHONE PEOPLE, I REALIZE IT'S A BLATANT RIPOFF OF SIRI. PLEASE, JUST LET ME HAVE THIS!) and I decided to have a little conversation with it.

And yes, there's dancing involved.


Now I'm asking it everything. Like, I just asked it "What kind of soup do they have downstairs?" and "Do you like raisins?"

What ridiculous questions would you like me to ask?  I'd love to play with it on the air with you!  (Yes, Apple users are welcome to contribute too.)