This 4 year old is a budding artist. But I'm sure dad wishes he had used construction paper, rather than his passport.

Because of the unrecognizable picture, dad is stuck in South Korea, as he can't travel while looking like...this.

My friends just had brand-new carpet installed a month ago. One day while Mom was out, Dad was doing dishes and noticed how quiet their 3 year old was being. He yelled out, "Hey, Taytum...what'cha doin?"

Taytum replied "Drawing..."

Dad asked, "What'cha drawing on?"

Taytum, laying belly-down on the beautiful new carpet, looks up, with PERMANENT SHARPIE in hand, and says innocently, "The carpet."

A perfect arc of permanent black marker now greets all who enter their home. The arc is exactly his little arm's length.

What's the most damage your child's drawing has done? Walls? Carpet? Important documentation?