I had the privilege of interviewing Jewel a couple weeks ago, and upping the ante, Seneca Niagara Casinos offered me the chance to photograph her when she was in town on Saturday (March 16).

She was exactly what you'd expect from a girl with humble beginnings: authentic, quirky, and ridiculously talented.  She went from telling an intricate story right into singing a song...and her voice didn't miss a beat. She was dynamic and thoughtful; on at least two songs, she had the audience in tears as she recanted personal stories, and then played accompanying songs with lyrics that could slice through the heart like a butter knife through warm butter.

Another SUPER cool part of the night is she re-tweeted one of my tweets with her pic about the show! :)

JoyFM / Twitter / Laura Daniels

I used the old "rapid fire" function on two different cameras, so some shots are very similar...but here they are, for your enJOYment!