The Weather Channel just released the 2016-17 Winter Storm Names and it's an interesting list.  A very diverse group of names and it leads one to wonder, how do they pick them?


I imagine all of the weathermen get together and have a few cocktails and just start throwing names around.  The drunker they get, the more exotic they become, but there is always one weatherman who doesn't drink so all of his choices are boring.

I mean look at this starts with ARGOS!!  Out of the gates we get an out of this world name.  What a great start!  I don't know an Argos but I bet if I did he would be the coolest cat in town.


Then the sober guy jumps in with Blanche to honor his grandma's cat.  Thanks guy for being so fun.  That is quickly followed by some gems - Caly, Decima, Europa, and of course Fortis!  FORTIS!!  I don't know what the origin is but I LOVE it.  In fact, that whole last group is amazing.  How many shots of tequila did it take to come up with those??


Then sober guy suggests Gregory.  The group rolls their eyes and fires out Helena, Iras, Jupiter, and Kori.  At first Kori is met with groans but the weather girl slugs her beer and goes, "no, it's spelled K-O-R-I", and the room erupts in cheers!


As they continue down the list they have a moment of silence for Pluto, the former planet.  One guy pours some whiskey on the floor, but that's just because he missed his cup.  Next, Quid gets announced and everyone starts high-fiving!


Sober guy tries to sound hip and says Reggie, but the group moves on and bangs out Stella, Theseus, and Ursa.  URSA!!!  What happened was the weather girl was making out with the weather intern and that's the only word they could understand her saying.


Now Sober guy feels like he has to step his game up and goes with his heart.  He says Valerie in honor of his favorite Radio DJ Val Townsend from Mix96.  The room is impressed and Sober guy grabs his water and starts chugging.


The round is finished off with Wyatt, Xavier, and Yuri but they get stuck on the Z.  Everyone is out of ideas and most of the weathermen are too drunk to think or passed out.  Suddenly Sober guy shouts ZENO!!  Nobody can react because they are all too drunk to move, so Sober guy just proudly writes it on the board.


The next day at the weather meeting, Sober guy tries taking credit for Zeno but it falls on deaf ears.  Nobody believes him after his stellar names of Blanche, Gregory, and Reggie.  He pleads his case but he gets ignored and the weather girl takes the credit...and that's how they come up with the Winter Storm Names.  Get those shovels ready!

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