There's never been any breast cancer -- or any cancer, for that matter -- in my family.

Over the past 10 years, I've had the pleasure of hosting many breast cancer awareness fundraisers, luncheons, walks and races.

Every time I took the stage, I was humbled by the FIGHT the breast cancer survivors had in them.  Tears would well up when I heard their stories, watched them grow, and absorbed their resilience.  And I was so grateful, and still humbled, that there was no history of breast cancer in my family.

On my 40th birthday (Dec. 2014), I decided to have my baseline mammography at Southtowns Radiology.

You may also remember, that's exactly when breast cancer touched my family.

In a nutshell, after I talked to my mom and told her about my baseline, she remembered it had been 5 years since her last one.  So she called a friend, made appointments together, and low and behold, they discovered Stage 1 breast cancer in my mom.

Since it was so early, treatment was rapid and aggressive: a lumpectomy and 6 weeks of radiation.  After her final treatment, I got a tattoo commemorating it. :)

A year later, I'm happy to announce she is cancer-free and just had a clear mammogram.  But she wouldn't have gone -- and had the early detection -- had I not reminded her.  Who knows where we'd be today...or 5 years from now.

Take FIVE MINUTES, right now, and schedule yours now.  Already had one this year? Call ONE friend. ONE family member. ONE neighbor. You could be the change in their life!

Next week's post:  video from my last 3D!