Buffalo is known as the "city of good neighbors" and it was proved to me once again on Tuesday when I received a gift from a stranger. I left work around 5:45p and was driving down Ellicott Street near the library downtown. I had my sunroof open and windows down in my car because it was beautiful and almost 60 degrees outside. As I stopped at the light at Broadway, a man on the sidewalk yelled something to me. I had the music up too loud so I couldn't hear him at first. I lowered it and said, "What?" He said, "Finally, windows down." I yelled back, "I know, I'm so excited!" Now not being completely naive and hearing my mother's voice in my head, I put my purse that was on the passenger seat on the floor just for good measure. Better to be safe than sorry and I've seen some crazy things at the bus stop that is across the street!

As I looked up to check the light to see if it was my turn to go, I heard someone say, "These are for you pretty lady." I looked at the passenger window and there was a different man handing me a vase of fake flowers. I told him thank you and he smiled and walked away. I thought, how sweet! A little odd, but how sweet!

Flowers (Heather Davis)

I didn't get any flowers for Valentine's Day, but these were better because they were unexpected! Unfortunately, the vase didn't make it to the studio because I'm a klutz but the flowers are now hanging out in the JOY-FM studios! Thank you Mr. Stranger!

Flowers in the Window (Getty)