Facebook users, do you have high feeling of misery and loneliness? This new survey says you do!

Researchers at two German universities (Humboldt University and Darmstadt’s Technical University) discovered that Facebook users are more envious because on Facebook, you have to see your friends vacationing, smiling happily in pictures, gushing about their love lives, etc. etc.

Facebook, in a nutshell, produces more social comparisons. According to the study, one in three people were less satisfied with their lives after viewing the site. Vacation photos bothered people the most. It’s sad, but people just hate other people having a good time.

The second issue on Facebook that caused envy is “likes.” People get angry when they see other users getting more “likes” than they may have.

These findings were based on two studies that involved 600 people. Other findings in this study:

  • People in their 30s were envious of family happiness.
  • Women were most envious of physical attractiveness.
  • Men posted more material that promoted themselves.