There was a wedding in my family a week ago. It was my first born child, my daughter Erin. I knew the day would come eventually, and at the age of 27 it was time for the big event.

When it comes to my children I get very emotional. I knew I was not “losing my daughter”, and yet there is a sense Dad has to step aside. I’ve heard it said that your daughter is the female side of yourself. I believe that to be true. She is so much like me at times it’s scary.

We have always been very close. So on the day of the wedding my mind was racing back to the day she was born at Millard Fillmore Suburban. How my wife Robin and I celebrated with a lobster dinner prepared by the hospital.  How she used to follow me everywhere as I worked on our first house we bought in Lockport. How fast time goes by, before you know it she’s graduated from high school, then college.

I cried when I saw her in her wedding dress. When it came time for the father-daughter dance I had know idea what song would be played. It turns out it was “I Loved Her First” by Heartland. It was time for me to cry again. As all of my memories came flooding back again. But there were tears of happiness and joy, knowing she has a wonderful life ahead of her with her husband Rob! Do you have a father-daughter wedding dance  photo you would like to share? Put them on our facebook page and we'll featutre them on the web site!

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