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Colonel Mudflap (Submitted by Autumn Lori)

'Colonel Mudflap' submitted by Autumn Lori

Colonel Mudflap is a 4-month-old puppy as of the July 15. He is a Pitbull/Lab/Rottie mix. He is vocal and isn't afraid to speak his mind. He loves his rope and knows how to sit, lie down, shake with both paws, speak and give kisses. He also lets us know when he has to go potty by barking at the door. Colonel Mudflap enjoys his time getting as dirty as possible and pouncing on butterflies in the flowers outside. He is our little baby!

Jamison (Submitted by Ginny Isenhart)

'Jamison' submitted by Ginny Isenhart

Jamison is a 5-year-old Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix. He has a very big personality and thinks everyone is his best friend!!! He loves to go for walks and to the dog park!!! Jamison will do anything for a treat!!!

Scruffy (Submitted by Dawn Wilson)

'Scruffy' submitted by Dawn Wilson

We adopted Scruffy when he was 10 months old after he was given up by two previous owners. He is full of energy and keeps us on our toes at all times. We have only had him for a month now, but he is a great addition to our growing family. He enjoys playing inside with all of his toys and can't wait to get outside for his walks around the neighborhood. He loves the neighborhood kids and other dogs. He enjoys chasing birds whenever he can.

Roxy (Submitted by Maryann Shapiro)

'Roxy' submitted by Maryann Shapiro

We brought Roxy into our family eight years ago at 8 weeks of age. We were lucky to get her at the Erie County SPCA because she was being turned back in due to her being ill. After a good bit of money, we have had a wonderful and healthy family member. She was the cutest puppy with her huge ears; our friends and neighbors called her “Jumanji” because she was so funny looking. She still has the big ears and is a beautiful animal. Roxy is my morning alarm, as she comes to me and pushes my head up with her snout. She keeps this up until I get up. But on weekends, she somehow knows not to bother us until we get up on our own. No need for a security system with her around -- just her look usually makes people that don't know her back off. Although she looks mean, she is a sweetheart and loves anyone that pays attention to her. By the way, she is part Chow and part Terrier. Toys aren't her thing, but she loves to wrestle with me and our grandson. We love this beautiful girl and wouldn't be the same without her.

Phoenix (Submitted by Charlie Markel)

'Phoenix' submitted by Charlie Markel

He is a red Bloodhound. He is 4 years old. His favorite treat is anything he can eat.

Ace (Submitted by Sue Ann Golimwoski)

'Ace' submitted by Sue Ann Golimowski

We adopted Ace two and a half years ago. He is approximately 6 years old. He was pretty messy when we got him, but now he is very handsome. He loves the hard, hollow bones, especially when we stick Milkbones inside of them. Daddy is his favorite, but he loves mommy too.

Cooper (Submitted by Kate Wannemacher)

'Cooper' submitted by Kate Wannemacher

Cooper is a 133-pound gentle giant. Cooper comes to work with me every day at Delaware Nursing and Rehabilitation. He will sit with our patients during therapy and encourage them to work harder. He will also sit with a patient who is dying just to be there. Families enjoy seeing Cooper, and he brings a little bit of home to the elderly here at DNRC. Cooper is an amazing friend to all who meet him.

Riddick (Submitted by Christopher McNutt)

'Riddick' submitted by Christopher McNutt

Riddick is an 8-year-old Siberian Husky/Golden Retriever mixed breed. He loves being outside in winter and summer but in a house dog. Riddick knows many tricks, including sit pretty, roll over and dead dog. His favorite toy is my 2-year-old son. They chase each other around constantly. I couldn't ask for a more caring companion for my son to play with. I dread the day that we will need to part — Riddick is not a pet but part of our family!

Mia (Submitted by Maria Cristina Rivera)

'Mia' submitted by Maria Cristina Rivera

Mia is a 5-year-old Chihuahua and proud mother of three! She loves to play outside chasing her ball (and tail). She also enjoys vacuuming the kitchen floor, posing for photos and snuggling on her mommy's lap.

Buddy (Submitted by Mark Cottone)

'Buddy' submitted by Mark Cottone

Buddy loves the water. He swims in his pool almost every day during the summer. When he is all done playing outside he love to come in and go right to bed with his friend Yellow-Ducky. This is a picture of Buddy, just after swimming. If he could talk he might say, "I'll eat you later, I'm tired!”